Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rebound Relationships

Have you been in a rebound relationship?

A rebound relationship occurs shortly after a break-up of a significant love relationship. It's usually preceded by a long term relationship. It can even occur during your significant love relationship when you tend to emotionally distant yourself away from your partner.

Rebounding is masking your pain from the current break up by engaging in a relationship expecting that your new partner will help you heal the pain you are feeling, or expecting that the current one will make up for the lost love you once had.

It's purpose is a distraction. Keeping your focus away from your past love and giving your attention to your new partner to help you forget the former. It's a misguided attempt to move on. You are faking your emotions and may hurt the other person in the long run. This can be a lot more fun than dealing with your broken heart. A person may or not be aware that he/she is rebounding. Often times, they're on denial.

*Photo Credit to ~LadybirdM of Deviantart.



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